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COVID-19 Coronavirus

If you have coronavirus or are suffering any of the symptoms of the disease, like cough, fever, loss of taste or smell, then please do not come to the dentist. Please self-isolate and follow the medical guidelines. NHS 111 is running special dental clinics for covid patients.

8th June: Harwell Dental Practice resumes providing a limited service only.

Harwell Dental Practice re-opens on 8th June but it will not be “business as normal”. Due to coronavirus restrictions we will be seeing far fewer patients per day and need to close for a disinfecting hour between active treatments. We cannot currently find a satisfactory way to provide dental hygienist appointments. These restrictions will further increase the financial pressure on dental practices already hit by the shutdown. We also need to buy additional PPE which is in short supply.

At the Government briefing on 23rd June, Chief Medical Officer Professor Whitty noted that: “Dentistry is particularly high risk, because dental work generates a lot of droplets. Dentists have found a way of working in this phase, which will go on for really quite a prolonged period”.

Thus nobody knows how long this situation will continue.

As a result of coronavirus there will be new ways of working to ensure the health and safety of staff and patients, and these may change as we see how the system operates:

  • Patients now have to wait outside to minimise the number within the building and maintain social distancing. Please ring the doorbell and wait; we will open the door as soon as we are ready.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided outside the door (& elsewhere); please use it.
  • Please attend on your own. If absolutely necessary a second person can accompany the patient into the building but no larger groups. Please do not bring non-essential items into the building.
  • To avoid contamination risk, please avoid touching surfaces and if at all possible do not use the toilet. No rinsing or spitting.
  • Please communicate with us by telephone or email and do not expect to be able to call in person.
  • Card payments only; contactless whenever possible.
  • Keep 2 metres away from other people, except clinical staff wearing full PPE.
  • Due to the Covid-19 constraints we will be seeing fewer patients and providing only limited treatments

As we have a significantly reduced capacity, priority will be given to our existing patients and we will not currently be accepting new patients.


18th June: Thames Water has now resumed supply following the burst water main on Tuesday so the temporary closure has ended.

12th June: we will gradually increase the number of appointments available from Monday 15th June. However we are still constrained by the lack of PPE and have been let down by suppliers. The need to close for an hour after any active treatment remains a major challenge, both to poviding a clinical service and financial viability.

Counterfeit PPE is now being sold; we are ensuring our supplies are genuine CE-marked items

10th June: The British Dental Association have warned that “Barely 8% of practices now estimate they can maintain their financial sustainability longer term, in the face of sky high overheads and lower patient numbers.” Harwell Dental Practice is operating at a loss due to the coronavirus constraints.

6th June: It appears that Harwell Dental practice will one of a minority of practices opening on 8th June, albeit offering only limited emergency treatment.

Priority will be given to our own patients. Unlike some practices, we will not be surcharging Practice Plan patients for the massive increase in PPE costs due to Covid-19 in the initial period.

5th June: BBC: Coronavirus: No return to ‘business as usual’ for dentists https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52913826

The government issue Covid Alert Levels (1 to 5). The recommendation is that for safety, dentistry should be severely limited at the higher risk levels (4 & 5). Today is rated level 4.

4th June: The Chief Dental Officer published an operating protocol document on Thursday afternoon, to be enacted on Monday 8th June. The initial expectation is for an emergency-only service until PPE is available to support routine operative treatment.

29th May: Dentists had been anticipating resuming clinical services in July but on 28th May it was announced on television that re-opening could commence in 6 working days time on 8th June. The Chief Dental Officer informed dentists after the media had publicised the date. There is a nationwide shortage of PPE and there appears to be no government plan to get necessary supplies to dentists before the opening date. No PPE will severely restrict what treatments can be provided.

When we do re-open, dentistry will be very different as a result of coronavirus. Health & safety and PPE will be paramount and may limit clinical options and raise costs. Risk control measures like social distancing will be essential; like shops, we will limit the number of people in the building and minimise facilities to reduce contamination hazards. The front door is likely to be locked and patients only admitted individually at the time of their appointment.

28th May: an un-named official acting for the Chief Dental Officer published “Prompt to prepare” documents (actually dated 19th May) regarding re-opening of dental practices but without any proposed date. 6 hours later a leak to the BBC suggested 8th June; we await official confirmation.

11th May: The Prime Minister’s broadcast yesterday did not cover dentistry. We await a directive from the Chief Dental Officer for a safe operating protocol for the resumption of clinical services, so to date, nothing has changed. For example, a patient carrying coronavirus but without symptoms will have billions of virus particles in their mouth and saliva so using a moving instrument in this environment (particularly with compressed air or water spray) will spread the virus widely to the detriment of staff and other patients. We cannot operate until there are means of avoiding this risk.

In the meantime face-to-face appointments are postponed, but telephone advice continues to be available with emergency treatment via urgent care centres.

4th May: The Government’s 3 week extension to the lockdown announced on 17th April is due for review this week, hopefully before the Bank Holiday weekend. For the time being we remain closed for face-to-face consultations and all appointments are postponed until the directives are updated.

21st April: NHS England are devising a new route to access Urgent Dental Care Centres using the same online system as referrals to hospital waiting lists.

25th March: The Chief Dental Officer issues a directive telling dentists to stop providing face-to-face clinical treatment

Our staff

  • Dr Michael Bellew GDC 58126
  • Mrs Jessie Matson GDC 10758
  • Mrs Julie Claridge GDC 113890
  • Mrs Alison Bainbridge GDC 119555

Dental Care Plan

We offer independent dentistry only with no NHS contract. We have dental care plans from Practice Plan for adults and children.


Harwell Dental Practice
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Michael D. Bellew   Dental Surgeon
LDS RCS (Eng)  1983 – Royal College of Surgeons – England
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 Opening hours   

Monday  8.30 – 1.00    2.00 – 4.00

Tuesday  8.00 – 1.00    2.00 – 5.00

Wednesday  8.30 – 12.30

Thursday  8.00 – 1.00    2.00 – 5.00

Friday  8.30 – 12.30

COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis: Closed until 8th June; thereafter our opening hours may vary at short notice due to disinfecting times and the ongoing PPE shortages.

Details of out-of-hours care can be found via the practice answerphone


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